Use a Mobile Hoist for easier movement at Home

People with severe mobility impairment will need to transfer from or to the bed, car, wheelchair or bath.  While some can manage this task on their own, several people will need to be manually lifted which can be very difficult for a single care giver.   In this process, the privacy and dignity of the affected individual can be compromised.  With improvements in patient transfer solutions such as a mobile hoist, it makes life more convenient and comfortable.

A person can be safely, efficiently and compassionately transported to where they need to go by using a patient lift without putting strain on the person being transferred or the care giver. These medical equipment provide many benefits including safety, reduced risk of injury to the caregiver and person with the disability and reduces fatigue among the caregivers.

Caregivers should be given proper training on how to use a mobile transfer hoist to help mitigate the risks associated with the lifts.  Watch how a Patient Lift works in the Video below.



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