Prevent Bathroom Falls and Injuries

Seniors over the age of 65 are prone to falling and susceptible to fall related injuries due to poor eyesight, reflexes or lack of balance.  Safety in the bathroom is especially critical when it comes to the prevention of falls for older adults as most of the falls that occur in the home happen in the bathroom.

Here are a few bathroom safety tips for seniors to help reduce the chances of injury due to trips, slips and falls:

  1. Be consistent about removing any clutter or obstacles from the bathroom floor that could be a trip hazard.
  2. Make sure the bathroom has ample lighting especially for elders with vision problems.
  3. The simplest thing is to keep the bathroom floor dry – Fixing a weighted shower curtain can prevent leaks onto the floor.  The bathroom floor should be clean but non-slippery.
  4. Water should be the right temperature as elders have delicate skin and can take long to notice hot temperatures which makes them at risk for burns caused by hot water.
  5. Keep things within reach – Towels and shower products should be in plain sight and reachable requiring little to no moving and bending.
  6. Install bathroom safety equipment like Grab Bars, Raised toilet seats, Shower bench and hand held shower heads.  These equipment can give the elderly increased stability and can make them feel secure.
  7. A Walk-in or Wheel-in Tub makes it easier for those on wheelchairs, walking aids or generally for those suffering from reduced mobility.
  8. Choose the right bathroom footwear which is supportive and has a non-slip sole.
  9. Install a medical alert system or communication device to alert a caregiver in case of emergencies.

Simple safety precautions can help ensure that an elderly person stays safe as well as maintains their sense of independence in using the bathroom.


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