Lifestyle Changes to Lower Blood Pressure

Your lifestyle plays an important role in preventing and treating high blood pressure.  You will be able to manage your blood pressure with some of the tips listed below:

  1. Get moving: Regular physical activity like walking, jogging, swimming or cycling for at least 30 minutes most days of the week can lower your blood pressure to safer levels.
  2. Focus on nutrition: Consider changing your eating habits to make your diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits and make sure to eliminate saturated fat, high cholesterol and processed foods. Always read food labels.
  3. Cut the Salt: A reduction in sodium in your diet can reduce blood pressure.  Cut back on salt by flavoring food with herbs and spices, avoiding processed foods and choosing low sodium alternatives.
  4. Take your meds: Take your blood pressure medication as prescribed by your doctor to ensure that your pressure is managed.
  5. Check your blood pressure: It is good to invest in a home Blood pressure monitor. Regular monitoring helps you to know when it is required to alert your doctor to prevent further complications.  It also helps you to make adjustments to your lifestyle changes.
  6. Lose Weight: One of the most effective lifestyle changes you can make is to be in a healthy weight range.  By maintaining a good weight and a healthy waist line you can lower the risks of high blood pressure.
  7. Cut back Alcohol and quit smoking: Drinking more than moderate amounts of alcohol can raise blood pressure by several points and can also reduce the effectiveness of blood pressure medication.  Smoking increases your blood pressure and by quitting it can help blood pressure return to normal.
  8. De-stress and sleep well: Identify your stress trigger points and take the necessary steps to cope with them in a healthier way as chronic stress in a big contributor to high blood pressure. Sleep Apnea can increase the risk of high blood pressure – treat it immediately.

Get the necessary support you need through friends, family or even online support groups to keep you encouraged on your lifestyle changes.  Speak to your doctor to know more on how you can improve your overall health and keep your blood pressure healthy.


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