Buying a Hospital Bed for the home

medical bedWhether your family member has come back home from a surgery or requires home care due to a chronic illness or disability, a Hospital bed at home provides the person with greater safety and comfort when compared to a normal bed.  Choosing a Hospital bed (also known as profiling beds, medical beds or adjustable beds) for the home requires careful consideration of the patient’s condition as well as the care available to that patient at home:

Think of the following key points while buying a medical bed:

  1. Important Features: There are a whole array of options available for Medical beds.  Make a checklist of the following possible features you may want:
    • Height adjustment
    • Side rails
    • Profiling mattress platform
    • Electrical, semi electrical or manual
    • Operated by a remote handset
    • Customizable colors
    • Customized design
    • Ability to accommodate an air mattress
    • Head and foot board.
  2. Quality: As buying a hospital bed is a big investment, consider buying one of good quality which would last many years.  A good supplier would offer a warranty which is a good idea to take up.
  3. The Supplier: Choose a supplier that will offer you delivery and installation service as well as education on how to use and maintain your medical bed.  As mentioned, a good supplier will also offer warranty services and regular maintenance.  Look for a supplier that also sells supporting products such as beside medical cabinets, over-side table and most importantly the right mattress for your bed.

Being prepared for what you need in a hospital bed can help you greatly while making your decision.  Make a list of what you or the person in your care needs from the medical bed and a good supplier will help you in choosing the right one based on your needs.