Benefits of installing a wheelchair ramp at home

A person relying on a wheelchair is not able to climb stairs.  They also face challenges going over a platform, entering a vehicle or public space that does not have proper wheelchair access.  This may result in the person feeling uncomfortable moving around and reduces their social interactions.  They are also at greater risk for falls at home.  Accessibility to all parts of their home and basic safety is crucial for anyone using a wheelchair.

Ramps are useful for wheelchair users to move around their home freely, safely and independently.  A wheelchair ramp is an inclined plane which provides accessibility over steps and thresholds. Portable ramps even lets users or companions carry ramps along with them to use wherever needed.  There are a wide variety of wheelchair ramps to meet the user and their caregiver’s needs including permanent ramps, portable ramps, threshold ramps, multi-fold ramps and briefcase ramps.

Some of the benefits of owning a wheelchair ramp are listed below:

  1. Mobility throughout your home and outside:  Ramps help bridge the access from indoors to the outdoors over a variety of uneven terrain.  A ramp helps the person to bypass stairs and navigate through the home that might normally be dangerous or impossible to reach without help.  It gives them more choices in performing their daily activities at home.
  2. Living independently:  Given the extent of the disability, installing a wheelchair or threshold ramp can help make independent living much more feasible and easier as a person can navigate themselves independently at home or outside.
  3. Opens up opportunities for social interaction:  Wheelchair users find themselves left out and neglected and not able to meet family and make new friends.  However, by installing a ramp or buying a portable ramp, wheelchair users are opened up to a world of possibilities.  They can now gain access to locations that they previously would not have been able to enter.
  4. Benefits the elderly:  Even if your elderly parent does not use a wheelchair, they may find climbing stairs difficult and unsafe.  An elderly person can develop a fear of falling over steps, even if a fall has not yet occurred.  Ramps are crucial for the elderly to move around safely at home.  In case of an emergency, they are able to exit the home more quickly and safely as well.
  5. Wide variety based on needs:  Wheelchair ramps have grown in popularity so much that there are many types of wheelchair ramps available in different brands. The user can make a proper decision based on the environments they function in, their strength and flexibility.  In choosing a wheelchair ramp, the four main properties of the ramp that are important are length of the ramp, its maximum weight limit, the width of the ramp and finally the rise or inclination of the ramp relative to the ground.

Ramps can help a wheelchair user maintain dignity, independence and safety while keeping the social connections that are needed for a healthy life at any age.

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